IEEA IAP Application Form

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The Application form is required to be completed by all orgainsations who wish to apply for the IEEA International Accreditation Programme (IAP).

All applicants are required to adhere to the IAP terms and conditions.

Prior to completion of the application form please ensure you read the following:

Please specify the Accreditation service you require


Standard Accreditation (Required*)

Organisation Accreditation
Surveyor Training Programme Accreditation

*Please note that accreditation of your organisation or surveyor training programme can only be undertaken following accreditation of at least one set of Standards.

In certain circumstances, orgainisations and surveyor training programmes are eligible for survey without first receiving IEEA accreditation of a set of standards. For example, an organisation could assess against standards developed by their Ministry of Health. Evidence must be provided to demonstrate the agreement which is in place between the external evaluation orgainisation and the standards developer.

Please select your preferred date for your first survey*

Please note that while every effort will be made to comply with the selected date, we cannot confirm that your preferred dates will be available. A minimum of 10 months is required from time of application to survey.

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Organisational Profile

The information on this form will be used by IEEA to ensure that the scope of the survey is accurate; therefore please complete all sections. For any additional enquires please contact a member of the IAP team at If any fields are not applicable please mark as N/A.

Standard Details

Please list all sets of standards in use, including edition/version number and year of approval.

Standard Name

Please tick if you wish to have these standards accredited

Your application will be reviewed by one of our Accreditation Managers, and if it meets our criteria, you will be contacted by a member of staff who will discuss the next steps and invoice you for your Access Fee

For any additional enquires please cntact a member of the IAP team at